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Tritema P106x6 Mining RIG

This RIG is created for best efficiency mining of the following currencies: ethereum, zcash, monero. It has been studied to give maximum efficiency and performances with best ratio costs/profit. The hardware profile is studied for GPU mining (graphic processing units). The components used are all of premium quality and can be resumed in the following items:

CPU: Inter G3930
GPU: Nvidia P106-100,6GB *6Pcs-Msi or Galax or others
Motherboard: Biostar TB250-BTC
RAM: Gloway,4GB DDR4 2133Mhz
Handdisk: Gloway, 60GB SSD
PSU: Segotep GP1350G 80Plus Gold 1250W Full Modular ATX PC Computer Mining Power Supply
Risers: PCI-E 1X to 16X Riser Card with 15pin SATA Power Slot Connector Supply Cable 60CM

The components can be changes with others of same type and performances in case the stock is quite different. The quality is always best.

Enter the amazing world of cryptocurrencies mining

A new powerful method to use hardware power to make passive profits

Software and configuration

The RIG is delivered totally assembled, tested and checked in all the components. Technicians, also, install and configure the OS and the mining software. When delivered, the rig can be customized with wallet details of customer so that client can immediately start mining.

This machine is completely controlled by web interface. There is no need to connect keyboard, mouse or monitor to the system. Every setting and also reboots and power check are controlled by web interface. Also a change in configuration can be done entirely by the web in an easy way. For these reasons, this rig is a perfect system for making cryptocurrencies: a great investment.

The produced hashrate is about 150+-5% MH/s on ethereum, with a power consumption about 700 W. With few clicks it’s possible to mine also monero, zcash and other currencies.

Maximum efficiency

This RIG has a motherboard biostar BTC 250 that has been created for mining with reduced power consumption. There are also 6 mining cards nvidia P106-100 that are also specific for this purpose. These cards are new and with great performance; they can produce till 25MH/s each. The power usage of each card is about 80-90 W and therefore this is maintained to minimum possible.

In case of purchase, you can request installation by professional technician in all Switzerland. The equipment is then delivered personally fully build and configured: ready to use.


Maximum hashrate

Great hashrate with reduced power consumption

Low electricity need

The electricity need is very low compared to hashrate

Web interface management

All the machine is managed by web interface wherever you are

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