Professional Hosting. Redesigned.

Our new professional hosting offer. Even simpler. Extensible. Suitable for your needs.

Hosting PRO

Only one hosting plan. Extensible in all its parts.

You decide. According to your needs.

Storage5 GB + 2GB Free  extensible
Monthly TrafficWithout restrictions
Mailbox/Quota5/5GB extensible
Database1 extensible
Database StorageWithout restrictions
Backupincluded, retain 3
SSL CertificateSSL DV included
Cyber SecurityAntimalware. Anti(D)DOS.
CMS/EcommerceWordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento.

and 90 other applications of your choice.

Website Builder PROAvailable as Addon
Monthly fee6.92 CHF/month

(annual billing)

Hosting Advanced

The complete hosting plan, for developers.

SSH ed ambiente di staging inclusi.

Spazio Disco20 GB
Traffico MensileSenza restrizioni
Spazio DatabaseSenza restrizioni
Certificato SSLSSL DV incluso
Cyber SecurityAntimalware. Anti(D)DOS.
CMS/EcommerceWordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento.

e altri 90 applicativi a scelta.

Website Builder PROIncluso
Staging domainIncluso
Canone10.92 CHF/mese

(fatturazione annuale)

  • INCLUDED – Storage 5GB + 2GB FREE
  • Block Storage 10GB
  • Block Storage 20GB
  • Block Storage 30GB
  • Block Storage 50GB
  • Block Storage 100GB

SSD Storage

All the storage you need. When you need it.

Included storage 5GB (+2GB free). And extensible in blocks of 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 50GB, 100GB.

The space provided is real, without overselling. This means that you can use your GBs as you wish. Also as a simple storage space, where other competitors don’t allow instead

Mail Storage

Extensible mail space. Both by number of accounts and by space.

Some examples:

Account Quota  
5 5GB Included
+10 +10GB Addon
+20 +20GB Addon

All mailboxes include: webmail with HTTPS, access POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS. Furthermore all accounts can be activated as Zimbra User without additional cost.

Mail Storage 5GB

Mail Storage 10GB

Mail Storage 20GB

Office 365 + Hosting PRO

Now you can add Microsoft Office 365 to Hosting PRO. Didn’t you know? Discover more information here. Or proceed directly to the purchase of Hosting PRO + Microsoft Office 365 Essentials from there.

  • INCLUDED- 1 Database MySQL
  • ADDON – 1 Database MySQL
  • ADDON – 3 Database MySQL

MySQL Database

Do you need other databases? You can add as many as you want.

SSL Certificate Included

A free SSL (DV) certificate is included in our hosting plans.

If you wish we can manage this free certificate for you, or you can activate an optional commercial certificate DV. An automated guided procedure will help you, step by step, during the setup of commercial certificates. No more than 4-5 steps are needed to activate them.

With SSL DV Free With SSL DV Free and Managed With Commercial SSL
Included +1.67CHF/month +5.00CHF/month

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(annual billing)

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(annual billing)

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(annual billing)

Optimized for the most frequently used CMS and E-COMMERCE softwares

…and over 90 applications that can be installed with just a click.

Website Builder

If you prefer a powerful and professional Visual Website Editor, you can give a look to our brand new Builder PRO

# install laravel in a breeze with composer
user@ ~ # composer global require laravel/installer

# …or update your wordpress with wp-cli
user@ ~ # wp-cli core update

# …or access to your database via mysql-client
user@ ~ # mysql -u youruser -p yourpass -h

# …or rsync data from staging website and production website
user@ ~ # rsync -avh /staging /web

SSH Console and Staging domain

Both of these services are included in the Hosting Advanced package

For more advanced users and developers, we now also provide SSH access and a free and automatically configured staging domain on shared hosting.

We will not leave you alone

We are available to help you to use our services. In order to do this, we offer several communications channels and advice facilities.

1° Level - Ticket Support 24/7

On each hosting plan, ticket assistance is included at no additional cost. There you will have a staff of technicians ready to answer your questions.


2° Level - Custom Support

Second level customized assistance can be added to your hosting plan. This assistance will give you access to the telephone support, where a technician will be at your disposal to help you in configuring your applications.


Premium Support+Consultancy

The premium support+consultancy package, in addition to the ticket and telephone support, allows you to get an exclusive and dedicated Discord© private channel where you can communicate in real time with our technicians for assistance as well as specific advice. This exclusive support, which is able also to have sharing-of-your-desktop sessions, will give you the benefit to quickly solve all your problems.


Technical features

Section dedicated to developers and Webmasters.


Our hosting plan is provided on the latest Linux server. With distro custom-build, updated. Includes a free DV SSL certificate, and is extensible in its entirety. The traffic generated by the site is not counted. The Webserver is Apache.

Supported Languages

The languages supported on the server are PHP (5.6 / 7. *). Perl, Python. Several performance optimization tools are also installed, including memcached and opcode.

Development tools

GDlib and Imagemagick are available. The management of htaccess is also available without limitation. Also you can customize the server error codes.


Our hosting plan supports many applications, which can be installed with a click (over 90). Of course the main ones are the most used, so: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento.

MySQL Database

Database version 5.6, There is no limit to the database space. Web interface for database management is available (phpmyadmin)


The backup is included for free in every hosting package. The customer can activate it autonomously through the control panel and set from there the rotation (if daily, weekly or monthly). The backup copy retain is 3. Important to note that our backup includes both the files and the database.


The cost of the offer includes a domain with the extension .com / .it / .eu. It is of course possible to associate also domains with other extensions at an additional cost.


The offer includes 5 boxes with 5GB of total space. Both the number of boxes and the space is extendable. For each box, IMAPS / POP3S / SMTPS and Webmail access is provided in HTTPS. It is possible to choose whether to activate the accounts with standard interface (Roundcube) or Zimbra / Zimail interface. No additional costs. Each mail account has 300 emails (incrementable) that can be sent daily via our certified SMTPS. Both the antispam and antivirus service are included in each account.

Management Tool

Each package provides access to the dedicated hosting control panel. Which panel allows you to have a complete and autonomous management of every part of your site. FTP and FTPS access is provided. There are also no limitations regarding the number of DNS records that can be set in the zone.


Two types of statistics are included for free: Webalized and Awstats of your choice. Furthermore, access to the logs of your website is provided to allow you to develop your applications better and earlier.