VPS Servers

All the power of root servers, without problems
TypeServer VPSServer VPSServer VPSServer VPSServer VPS
RAM2 GB real4 GB real8 GB real16 GB real32 GB real
Monthly traffic20 TB real20 TB real20 TB real20 TB real20 TB real
Managed Service
included first level, optional additional *included first level, optional additional *included first level, optional additional *included first level, optional additional *included first level, optional additional *
Backup in Datacenter
SSH/Root access
S.O.Debian ISPConfig, or Centos, UbuntuDebian ISPConfig, or Centos, UbuntuDebian ISPConfig, or Centos, UbuntuDebian ISPConfig, or Centos, UbuntuDebian ISPConfig, or Centos, Ubuntu
ISPConfig Control Panel
SSL Ready
Monthly fee

from 17,00 CHF/monthfrom 29,00 CHF/monthfrom 49,00 CHF/monthfrom 85,00 CHF/monthfrom 155,00 CHF/month
* optional servicesBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

ISPCONFIG Control Panel

ISPConfig Control panel allow you to fully control and manage your VPS Server. With that panel you can:

  • Manage the DNS Zone of your domains
  • Manage your website
  • Manage the mailbox associated with your domains name
  • Unlimited number of the domains managed
  • Real time server configuration

Servizio Full Managed (*optional)

With the Full service Managed you can have your server fully managed by a professional high livel support. So that you can focus only on your business and nothing else. Whether to install a library, set up a new site, to update a DNS zone, you can ask us to do it for you. More information

Backup Service (*optional)

The Backup Server, put your server in our internal routine backup. This procedure runs daily to make sure to have a snapshot to date of your machine. You can ask for recovery your server from the backup at any time. In order to provide maximum freedom of development.

Backup Cost

Server Bulk – 3 CHF/month

Server Basic – 6 CHF/month

Server Advanced – 12 CHF/month

Server Advanced Plus – 24 CHF/month

SSH/Full-root Access

Dedicated to users with high knowledge of operating systems (Centos / Debian) from the console, you can have full management of your machine, so as to be completely independent in its configuration and setup.

Server Windows

For VPS Windows, the storage is 100GB on the Advanced and 200GB on the Advanced Plus model.
In case of backup activation, an external backup partition will be provided to the server.
In the case of Windows Server, you must select Windows Server License 2016 option, while purchasing, which has a monthly fee of 30.00chf additional to the machine fee.

Whats VM servers include

Setup Free
ISPConfig Panel Included
Backup in datacenter Included
Phone support Included
O.S. Debian with ISPConfig or minimal Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS
Reseller plan Available
Access web via control panel, ssh-full root
Anti-DDOS Datacenter Level Included
Anti-DDOS Application Level Included
Malware scanner Included
Server Control Panel Included
Rescue Consolle Included
RoboCheck Included
Storage SSD
RAM Dedicated (not shared)
Extensible Block Storage Yes, available soon

VPS Servers, fast and secure

If you want to get your online business, then you might need a fully dedicated VPS for your work: a complete and powerful manageable server and administrable from wherever you are. With the virtual dedicated server (unmanaged), you can have less cost and more content and high traffic included (from 2TB/mese) with disk space from 24GB to 192GB and beyond with root access. VPS is more feature at the moment on the market. Use our VPS only if you need a really professional service, with great resources and a primary quality and otherwise best to opt for bulk services from other vendors. Our organization has decided not to provide services to low quality and very low prices because they always cause major problems to the customer. We are aware that the quality of the service and important for those who do business with the Internet and therefore we put quality and the professionalism in the service of the client’s business. The VPS can use administrative panel web server at no additional cost.

Server VPS Svizzera
Hosting Svizzera

Debian and CentOS are very stable Linux distributions. You can have them already deployed on your VPS. Many other distributions are at yur disposition upon request. The install is either minimal or ISPConfig ready. Please contact us for additional questions


RAID 1, Enterprise Class hard disks. Virtualization is managed with XENServer.

Our root servers are from 32 GB to 128GB with Intel Xeon processors.



Network connection is 1Gbit/s. Bandwidth is 200Mbit/s

Every VPS has 1 public ipv4 IP and routing IPv6.


We assist our clients with passion. Phone assistance is ready and there is ticket system 24/7 for best client’s assistance. VPS Servers are ready in few time from completing the order.

Server backup is normally daily snapshot to guarantee a fast recovery is case of disaster. Purchasing such backup flavour is suggested for your security. Upgrade and downgrade are always possible with very low downtime.

For more informations or to get a customized offer, you can always contact our consultants by phone or open a pre-sales ticket at our assistance system.